Konsultacje APQP-PPAP

Consultations APQP-PPAP

Main goals

  • development of PPAP documents along with client's employees by moderation of teams' work,
  • assistance during preparation of documents in case of new projects and in case of current modifications, acc. to a final client's recommendations.
  • Analysis and assistance in the field of interpretation of so called CSR (Customer Specific Requirements).
  • Assistance in the field of selection of a software to run projects in APQP-PAPP




  • More effective preparation of APQP documentation due to a support provided by a coach experienced in the area of Process Flow, FMEA, Control Plan, PPAP
  • Taking specific client's requirements into accout
  • Avoiding the most frequent mistakes and time saving arising from improving them. 

Who for?

Professional assistance for employees from the automotive industry and valuable assistance for companies starting projects for the industry in question, household appliances industry or aircraft industry as well as other industries, taking into account elements of Advanced Quality Planning and Parts Approval System.

How to order?

Please, contact the TQMsoft's Implementation and Sale Department under the phone no. +48 12 397 1883, mobile: +48 695 858 959 - konsultacje@tqmsoft.eu