Konsultacje Lean-KPI

Consultations Lean-KPI

Main goals

  • Analysis of the entire structure of indexes in terms of challenges and goals of an organization .
  • Conduction of a „Layered process audit” and development of a final report necessary to prepare further priorities and schedule of actions.
  • Demonstration - a simulation of a company's operation in the entire chain of deliveries.
  • Preparation of indexes at all levels of management, starting from indexes for the executives
  • Visualization of indexes for the executives and for employees at a strategic level, a tactical one and an operating one


  • More effective operating processes

  • Identification of employees with goals of a company

  • Avoidance of the most frequent mistakes and saving time necessary to liquidate them.

  • A chance to make good decisions at the basis of relevant indexes

Who for?

Production departments, constant development teams.

How to order?

Please, contact the TQMsoft's Implementation and Sale Department under the phone no. +48 12 397 18 83, konsultacje@tqmsoft.eu