Konsultacje Lean Six Sigma

Consultations Lean Six Sigma

Main goals

Preparation of internal coaches and coordinators of changes to conduct improving projects

  • Author's program
    • A training & advisory project is conducted acc. to an author's program of TQMsoft, which puts pressure on understanding of methods and statistic tools, which are then applied in practice acc. to a methodology called DMAIC (Define Measure Analyze Improve Control).
  • Extension of knowledge
    • The training is designed to be conducted in a train-the-trainer course for internal Six Sigma coaches, who will be practically trained to conduct further trainings in the organization.
  • Practice
    • Internal coaches and agents of changes become experienced thanks to attendance in the first part of a training as participants and active participation in the second part of the trainings - as internal coaches.

Lean Six Sigma


  • Education to a personnel able to conduct improvement projects individually
  • Direct financial benefits from conducted projects
  • Better knowledge and understanding of statistical tools.
  • Using statistics for needs of efficient performance of projects
  • Pressure on a quality and a productivity
  • Enhancement of a quality and reduction of costs related to functioning of an organization

Who for?

Professional assistance for all of companies, which organize a universal approach to a constant improvement, in a one location or in an entire group.

How to order?

Please, contact the TQMsoft's Implementation and Sale Department under the phone no. +48 12 397 1883, konsultacje@tqmsoft.eu