Konsultacje Organizacja Działu Jakości

Consultations - Quality Department Organization

Main goals

  • Analysis of a current work and organization of a quality department in terms of goals and challenges.

  • Conduction of a „Layered process audit” and a final report necessary for preparation of further priorities and actions schedule.

  • Assistance in the area of the quality department re-organization in terms of new structures and a way of operation.

  • Assistance during selection of trainings and organization of trainings for the department employees and members of a processes related to a quality monitoring and assurance.

  • Assistance during selection of a software intended for quality department support. 


  • More effective processes responsible for a quality by means of a support provided by an experienced consultant, in terms of development and organization of a quality department.

  • Avoidance of the most frequent mistakes and saving time necessary to liquidate them. 

Who for?

Professional assistance for quality managers and their direct superiors. Implementation - by development of competences, designed for quality control mangers, employees of laboratories, quality controllers.

How to order?

Please, contact the TQMsoft's Implementation and Sale Department under the phone no. +48 12 397 1883, konsultacje@tqmsoft.eu