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Complete quality support application


TQMsoft supplies specialized solutions designed to control the quality, to manage the quality as well as to gather and to analyze measurement data.

We specialize in providing control services with measurement stations and tools intended to carry out measurements as well as to analyze their results.

We assist our clients when they are looking for the best solutions

  • We listen to our clients carefully in order to understand their needs and problems.
  • We help them to adjust all tools, equipment and software optimally to assure that a designed solution performs its tasks perfectly well.
  • We assure a complex implementation of every solution starting from a supply of a components, to the installation, launch and full configuration.
  • We offer a full range of consultation services and we provide complex trainings to client's employees.
  • We guarantee a professional best-level after-installation service.
  • Our experts are experienced engineers, high competences of who assure a non-problematic implementation process course

Solutions intended to enhance the quality

We implement solutions enhancing the quality at every stage of a production process:

  1. Product designing
  2. Quality planning
  3. Delivery control
  4. Registering of data from production processes
  5. Quality control and SPC
  6. Data analyses in a laboratory
  7. Measurement instruments and calibration management,
  8. MSA analyses, R&R
  9. Registering and management of complaints and internal irregularities
  10. Documents management.
    1. Who for?

      Our solutions work well in every production process. For 20 years we have operated in the following industries and sectors:

      • automotive,
      • aircraft industry,
      • household appliances,
      • plastics production,
      • foodstuffs industry,
      • chemical agents industry,
      • electronics,
      • pharmaceutical industry,
      • metal industry,
      • foundries,
      • packages production,
      • paper industry,
      • medial devices production.


      WHY TQMsoft?

         - TQMsoft's experts are focused on issues regarding provision of the quality in production companies; hence, a client is assisted when selecting best tools  A Polish representative assures a simple contact, he/she knows local conditions and the contact is available before and during an implementation as well as afterwards, when a system is used.

          - Applications offered by the TQMsoft belong to the latest generation of CAQ solutions (Computer Aided Quality), they are characterized by a full cover of quality control required by a production company.
      Such an application provides a one basis for needs of analyses and a list of quality data irrespective of a department and a type of a control. Thanks to a global provider - ASI DataMyte - it is possible to extend projects in foreign locations with a local support.

         - Getting in touch with the TQMsoft, a client has a chance to use the IT knowledge and subject-matter one regarding all aspects of implemented applications.

      - In our solutions we combine very distant aspects, such as documents management and a MSA analysis. We connect simple tools like a slide calliper, but also laser heads designed to measure shapes, or CMM measuring machines
      / We base our installations on reputable and recognized components (MS SQL Server, Active Directory, IBR-interface), we cooperate with manufacturers of equipment and applications used in the industry (e.g. Zwick, SAP, QS-Stat).

      Product description QDA - an integrated application to manage the quality HERE