System Vorne XL

Vorne XL System


One device. A complete information.

A solution based on a Vorne XL800 display is a complex system intended for a visual management, which can be mounted nearly anywhere in a production hall.

This is a simple and efficient way to increase in a productivity in a hall by means of an enhancement and automation of the way information on a production course is gathered and analyzed. Data is available on the spot, without any unnecessary printouts, anytime, and it is always up-to-date.

Vorne XL enables to increase in an efficiency and a profitability of a production without a need for serious capital investments.

Vorne - Andon XL 800 - wzrost efektywności 15%  

Accurate record of downtimes

A system based on the Vorne XL enables to track downtimes accurately and in the real time. Hence, even the shortest downtime will be noticed.


OEE live

Vorne XL enables a quick and accurate defining of the OEE index. Consequently, it is possible to react quickly to any occurring problems, which affect efficiency of the production negatively.


Legible information in a real time

The green color means a production in progress. The red one means a downtime. The blue one means a re-fitting. Yellow color means a readiness status. The gray one means alterations and production recommendations. In a simple and a legible way.

The System XL ensures a prompt and simple access to information on changes and production recommendations. Data can be displayed at graphs exported into the Excel and to gathered in the SQL database.

It assures very simple access to the information in question. See it in XL. Export to the Excel or examine via SQL. Your data. Your choice.

A complex solution

XL is a fully integrated solution, "bolt-on" type - just install it and it operates. The hardware and the software operate smoothly together in a one device. It can be applied to every production line without a need to intervene into an existing control system. Clear price.


Why is it profitable to implement the Vorne XL system?

  • XL is a complete solution - a table of production plant's result, a production status reporting system, an analytical system of the historical data, a browser of a real production status - all of these in a one device
  • The system enables to track more than 100 parameters, including the OEE, a production pace, not-planned downtimes, defects, loses and a production progress status in relation to a plan.
  • It is not necessary to install any software. Access to the Vorne system is possible by means of an Internet browser.
  • It is not necessary to intervene into the production process and an existing control system.
  • The installation is possible anywhere in a visible place.
  • All of the production data is available immediately. It is possible to export data into the World®, Excel®, CSV or SQL.
  • XL enables monitoring of current production status directly on a screen of a computer.
  • Production employees are encouraged to work efficiently by means of goals displayed at a table.
  • The XL System enables to save time previously spent to fill out reports manually.
  • The solution in question proved itself in more than 1000 production plants from different industries.
  • The device is easy-to-mount one and it is simple to service it.
  • We offer a free of charge, 90 day trial version plus a technical support.


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Test the XL800

After placing an order we will send you a configured XL800, free of charge for 90 days. At the trial period a help desk is available, unlimited one, by phone (e-mail, WebEx).