Terms and Conditions governing participation in open trainings

Training organizer

Open trainings are organized by TQMsoft, with its registered office in Kraków, ul. Bociana 22a; scope and dates of trainings are described in details in a training offer.

An application for attendance

Please, send an application for attendance in a training to the TQMsoft in form of a mail, a fax, or in an electronic way by means of an attendance card. It is possible to send an (attendance) application from the TQMsoft's Internet website http://tqmsoft.com. The applications are accepted at the latest 5 business days before start of a training (on the basis of a date of reception of an application   by the TQMsoft). After termination of the afore-mentioned fixed term, an application for attendance in a training can be accepted in the course of a phone talk with the TQMsoft and on the basis of the application in one of the afore-mentioned forms. TQMsoft Company will confirm participation in the training at the latest 3 business days before a planned date of a training.
In case a training is ordered via the Internet, an ordering party will be provided with a confirmation into the mail address entered by him/her. In case a payment form - payment after the training is selected (the option available for business entities or institutions), sent confirmation must be signed and stamped by a decisive person and sent into the TQMsoft.

Giving up an attendance - a withdrawal from the agreement by an ordering party.

In case of a training confirmed by the TQMsoft company, information on giving up an attendance must be sent in form of a mail, a fax or in an electronic form into the TQMsoft at the latest  5 business days before a planned training date (a date of reception of a document by the TQMsoft applies).
An ordering party accepts that in case of a resignation after the date in question, it is responsible for making a full payment due for the training.

Amendment of the training date, cancellation of the training

It case TQMsoft cancels a previously agreed training date, the TQMsoft, to the discretion of an ordering party, will return total paid price or conduct training on other date agreed between parties. TQMsoft reserves its right to change the training date or to cancel it, and it will inform an ordering party on this fact at least 3 business days before the training date, and the ordering party in such a case is entitled to withdraw from the agreement and to recover the entire paid in amount. An applicant is entitled to change names of persons supposed to take part in the training, till the moment of start up of the training.

Prolongation of the training date by the ordering party is recognized to be an attendance resignation.

Prices of trainings and terms and conditions of payments

The price of a training includes: a training, materials, an attendance certification, dinners, candies, free of charge consultations within 3 months after a training, a hotel booking assistance and a free access to electronic training materials in a TQMsoft Library system. 
Price of the training does not include the VAT tax (Journal of Acts No. 11; item 50 dated 1993 as amended - art. 7, section 1, item 2 of the VAT Act).

Form and payment date

Natural persons, who do not run a business activity, make a payment at the latest 5 business days before a training date:
- by a wire transfer into the TQMsoft's bank account (into a mail company please, send a confirmation)
- cash, in our company's registered office.
- using the TQMsoft's website, when ordering a training via the Internet.

Legal persons, individual entrepreneurs, institutions, economic entities may also pay for a training within 14 days after the end of the training on the grounds of an invoice.