Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of the TQMsoft's website

§ 1. Definitions

  1. Terms & Conditions - these Terms & Conditions governing the TQMsoft's website.
  2. TQMsoft - the TQMsoft Company, spólka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia, sp. k., with its registered office under the address: ul. Bociana 22a, 31-231 Kraków, registered in the District Court for the Kraków-Sródmiescie in Kraków, Eleventh Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the no. 325010.
  3. TQMsoft's website - a website www.tqmsoft.com, along with the Internet store at the website.
  4. User - a natural person, who runs a business, a legal person, an organizational unit without a legal personality, using services rendered by TQMsoft via the Internet Website of theTQMsoft.
  5. Services - services rendered by TQMsoft via an electronic way, by means of the Internet Website of the TQMsoft.
  6. Products - things being a subject of sale carried out by the TQMsoft to usera, via the Internet Website of the TQMsoft.
    1. § 2. General rules

      1. TQMsoft carries out sale of Products and Services via the Internet Website of the TQMsoft.
      2. A condition to place an order in the TQMsoft's Internet Website  by a client is a familiarization with and an acceptance of the these Terms & Conditions.
      3. The TQMsoft's Internet Website carries out sale of Products and Services exclusively for companies as well as for natural persons who run the economic activity.
      4. The TQMsoft's Internet Website does not carry out sale for users, who are consumers in the meaning of the art. 221 of the Act dated 23 April 1964 Civil Code (Journal of Acts, No. 16, item 93 as amended).
      5. All products offered by the TQMsoft's Internet Website are brand new, originally packaged, free from any physical and legal defects and they have been entered into the Polish market legally.
      6. In order to set up an account and to carry out purchases in the TQMsoft's Internet Website, a client needs to have an active e-mail address.
      7. Prices in the TQMsoft's Internet Website are net prices in PLN. Sale prices of the Products and Services in the TQMsoft's Internet Website include the VAT tax, hence, net prices in the TQMsoft's Internet Website must be increased by the VAT tax. It is automatically added before an order is placed.
      8. The prices do not include the shipping costs.
      9. Orders for Products and Services are carried out at the sequence they inflow.
      10. In order to place an order, one needs to fill out the form available in the TQMsoft's Internet Website. It is required to enter into the form data of a user, who makes a purchase, including the Tax Identification Number.
      11. In case of improper filling out of the order form, the TQMsoft is entitled to suspend performance of the order or to cancel it.
      12. Prices in the TQMsoft's Internet Website are binding as from a moment a user places an order.
      13. TQMsoft is entitled to alter Products and Services, change the assortment, delete Products and Services, enter new Products and Services into the catalog of products and services, conduct and cancel promotional actions in the TQMsoft's Internet Website and to modify them.
        1. § 3. Payments and performance of orders

          1. Payments for orders via the wire transfer or electronic payments via the DotPay system.
          2. An order is considered to have been paid at from the moment the bank wire transfer is booked at the TQMsoft's bank account or reception of information from the DotPay on payment of the order.
          3. After an order has been placed, a user is provided, via e-mail, with order confirmation and he/she is informed on its expected time.
          4. Products are sent in the area of Poland by means of a courier company selected by TQMsoft.
          5. Delivery costs are incurred by a user purchasing a Product.
            1. § 4. Complaints

              1. Products are subject of a manufacturer's guarantee. The guarantee term starts from the moment a Product is delivered to the user.
              2. Detailed terms and conditions of a guarantee are delivered along with a Product; they are also available in a manufacturer's website.
              3. A guarantee covers physical defects. The guarantee does not include physical defects, mechanical damages caused by a user as well as defects resulting from an improper use.
              4. In case of defects of a Product, which are covered by a guarantee, a user must send a guarantee application via e-mail, into the info@tqmsoft address, enclosing information on damaged elements and a description of a defect.
                1. § 5. Privacy policy and personal data protection

                  1. An admin of the database transferred by users of the TQMsoft's Internet Website is the TQMsoft.
                  2. Personal data is used in order to carry out sale contracts, hence, it can be transferred into entities responsible for delivery of purchased Products.
                  3. Clients are entitled to access to their data and to correct, supplement, update, adjust and suspend treatment of the data and delete the data.
                  4. Data is transferred voluntarily.
                    1.  § 6. Final decisions

                      1. Clients, who have an account in the TQMsoft's Internet Website, will be informed on amendment of the Terms & Conditions via e-mail.
                      2. In case of refusal to accept amendments of the Terms and Conditions of the TQMsoft's Internet Website, it is impossible to use the TQMsoft's Internet Website anymore.
                      3. Disputes between TQMsoft and a user will be settled by a general court competent for the TQMsoft's registered office.
                      4. These Terms and Conditions may be amended anytime by the TQMsoft, with reservation to acquired rights.
                      5. These Terms and Conditions come into life as from 01.03.2016.