What a tqAcademy is?

The tqAcademy is a training program prepared specially for persons, who develop their professional competences. Its goal is to simplify and to extend expert knowledge in the area of a quality and a productivity.

Join the best

Trainings agenda assumes participation in selected courses, which compose the entirety together. Taking part in trainings one gets points and proper number of points enables him/her to take an exam verifying his/her skills.

Program Goal

  • Development of a pro-quality and pro-productivity awareness based on globally recognized standards.
  • A share in a promotion of engineer staff and managers, whose expert knowledge is based on the latest trends and market requirements.
  • Documenting of acquired competences by means of certificates.                     

Who for?

The program is dedicated for everyone, who wants to increase in his/her professional skills and to enhance and to document acquired knowledge. The program is designed for experts in a quality area and a productivity field, as well as for persons applying for such positions.          

tqAcademy's certificates

A title of a TQMsoft expert can be obtained by persons, who take part in trainings described in TQMsoft's Qualification Requirements for a Certified Specialist and a TQMsoft Expert, by acquiring a required number of points, and then, passing an exam. The certificate has no expiration date.

Exams for Attendants of the Academy test issues discussed during courses they graduate from. Exams are organized via correspondence way. In case of a positive result an Attendant gets an expert certificate.

tqAcademy's Programs

  1. Certified Statistical Methods Expert 
  2. Certified Meteorology Expert 
  3. Certified Lean Six Sigma Expert 
  4. Certified Production Process Enhancement Expert 
  5. Certified Logistics Expert 
  6. Certified Quality Management Expert  lub 
  7. Certified Quality Management in the Automotive Industry Expert (for persons operating in the automotive industry.