TQMsoft Library

TQMsoft offers a free access to electronic training materials, due to which training attendants have an access to training materials following trainings they took part in.

Why is the TQMsoft Library worth of use?

  • Electronic versions of materials can be simply browsed in terms of selected key words.
  • Materials are interactive, they include links to movies, pictures and other content.
  • Electronic documents do not require paper, they do not need space and help to protect environment.

How to get an access?

If you are a training attendant, then an access to training materials is automatic.

After the training, you will receive access information (login, password) to the account on which the materials will be shared.

Log into your account at www of TQMsoft and in the upper part of a site of your account (where there is a name and a surname of logged in person) from menu select [TQMsoft Library]