ISO 29990:2010

ISO 29990:2010 standard is an international standard intended for educational services providers operating in a non-school education area. It stipulates detailed requirements regarding a quality management system, adjusted to a specificity of education and training industry, oriented to performance of business goals.

TQMsoft implemented a quality management system accordant with ISO 29990:2010 in 2014. It comprises the following elements:

  • strategy and organization management,
  • human resources management,
  • internal and external communication management,
  • finances and risk management,
  • monitoring and evaluation of educational processes.

The Standard ISO 29990:2010 focuses mainly on needs and satisfaction of so called "interested parties" that is attendants of a training and training groups. The standard applies vocabulary and terms characteristic for educational organizations, which simplifies understanding and interpretation of its particular requirements.

We hope that implementation of the ISO 29990 standard by TQMsoft will bring profits to our clients and you can see them during incoming trainings

Certificate ISO 29990

Certyficate ISO 29990