Privacy policy

Using the website and its sub-domains in any way, you accept rules stipulated in the Privacy Policy herein. An offer demonstrated in the website is not an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code. 

Full text of an offer of the TQMsoft is available after a registration. To register you need to enter your name, a surname and e-mail. Moreover, you need to select a password for needs of the website. Registering in the website means setting up an account. You are entitled to change you account or to close it. 

Automatically gathered data 
During your every visit certain data is collected automatically, it regards your visit, e.g. your IP address, name of a domain, type of a browser, type of an operating system etc. The website uses cookies which are used to identify your web browser at the website for statistic purposes. Cookies enable displaying your website and your settings, but they do not include any personal data.

If you do not agree storing them please, change settings of a web browser you use:

  • Firefox: Privacy options

  • Google Chrome: Settings ? Advance settings ? Privacy ? Text settings

  • Internet Explorer: Tools ? Internet options ? Privacy (it enables selecting a security level) ? Advanced (to set cookies manually).

  • Opera: Preferences ? Advanced ? Cookies

  • Safari: Preferences ? Safety ? Accept cookies.

Data gathered at the occasion of a contact 
Contacting with us via the Internet website, phone, e-mail etc. you transfer your personal data, e.g. a name, a surname, e-mail address etc. 

Data usage 
Data concerning you is not transferred to third parties. Data gathered during the registering will be used to enable you to log into our system. Registration is obligatory if you want to use full functionality of the website. Giving your consent to treat your personal data you give your consent to use your data in order to be provided with information materials of the website owner i.e. the TQMsoft spólka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia sp. k. (former TQM-SOFT S.C.). 
Gathered data can be used to analyze behavior of the website users in order to tailor content of the website and to adjust the offer to a client's needs. In case of examination by the General Inspectorate of the Personal Data Protection your data can be made available to employees of the Inspectorate acc. to the Act on Personal Data Protection. 

Contact and change of data 
We can also contact you by phone if we have important information regarding operation of the website. After a registration you may be provided with our information materials via e-mail. 

After logging into the website and clicking on the Change button you can implement changes. To block an account you may send a request in writing into the address which means your personal data gathered during the registration process and used to log into the system or to provide you with informational materials will not be used. 
Cancellation of the blockade of the account may take place per request in writing addressed to the same address. Data gathered automatically must not be changed or deleted. 

Final decisions 
TQMsoft reserves its right to amend the private policy stipulated herein by publishing a new privacy policy at this website. In case of additional questions regarding privacy protection, please, contact the following address 

Company gathering the data: TQMsoft spólka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia sp. k (former TQM-SOFT s.c), ul. Bociana 22 a, 31-231 Kraków, Polska.