About us

For 21 years we have supported our clients to enable them to enhance a quality and a productivity.

We improve our clients' processes by providing and implementing the best class products and services. We help to extend technical competences and personal ones of employees representing varied levels and specialties. We offer 200 training programs conducted by 50 coaches and experienced practitioners.

We provide specialized solutions for management systems and quality assurance systems. We consult, advise, implement and service. We help to solve problems. We are not afraid of serious challenges and issues to be solved.

We deliver an equipment and a software of reputable manufacturers. We offer instruments designed for measurements, analyses and visualizations of results. We carry out implementations and we assure the best level service.

We have been trusted by more than 2100 companies.

Our mission

We want to assist our clients to develop their companies and to improve their processes. We provide the best quality solutions and services designed to increase in a quality and a productivity in varied industries.

We want to perform our goals by cooperation with reputable suppliers, using the latest technologies and tools to the benefit of our clients

Why us?

  • TQMsoft is a reliable business partner, which has been in a quality and a productivity market for 21 years. 
  • We have been trusted by more than 2100 Polish and foreign clients.
  • We always listen to our clients carefully, examine their expectations and problems. Solutions we offer are always adjusted to needs
  • We have an extensive practical experience. All of our experts, consultants and coaches are experienced practitioners.
  • We take care for very high standards when it comes about a customer service. Our internal systems and an organizational culture meet the most restrictive quality standards.
  • Our range of products/services is very wide and it has been still growing up. Hence, we are able to meet needs of out clients in a complex way.

Our quality

We take care for the quality also inside the TQMsoft itself. It is very important for us to make our organization perfect. We have been increasing our subject-matter and organizational competences constantly. We make our best to enhance our offers and adjust them to needs of our clients.

We operate acc. to the highest standards. It is confirmed by certificates: ISO 9001:2008 for our quality assurance system, and ISO 29990:2010 for our management system.

Read our Quality Policy.